Welcome to Basement

Basement is a London based fashion company selling true vintage clothes and antiques, combining a passion for sustainable living with a love of special, one-of-a-kind items.

Everything you see for sale has been specially handpicked to bring you a curated collection of pre-loved pieces ready for a new home and a new story expressing individualism and panache!

Create Your Own Style

The magical thing about vintage clothes and accessories is that you can innovate until your heart is content. So whether you’re looking for a 1970’s Boho dress to help bring out your inner Stevie Nicks, or a set of antiques champagne saucers to invoke some 1920’s glamour into your home, online or at a market, pre-loved pieces will be waiting for you! Not found something you like or just looking for fashion advice? No problem! Get in contact with me today!

Featured Items

Here are some of our featured items. Contact me if you are looking for something special!

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